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Thread: Should I play nature sound tracks to my budgie?

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    Question Should I play nature sound tracks to my budgie?


    I have been recommended to get ONE budgie for my circumstances, both by members of this forum (thank you, you know who you are ) and an experienced breeder. However I will be out for a small amount of time each day, and have been told that though my budgie will be fine on her/his own, they do not like silence. I could provide noisy toys- e.g. bells. I also thought I could maybe play a nature soundtrack with rain, wind, bird calls etc. But would this annoy / scary him/her? Please give me your opinion!

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    Re: Should I play nature sound tracks to my budgie?

    Even playing a TV on the Disney channel gives sound in the room, and budgies like to hear the sounds of kids, cartoons, etc., on that channel. I think the nature sound track would work too, and also, as I posted in another of your threads, a CD p!ayer, or radio, playing softly throughout the day would work. I would not use bells with a female, because bells tend to uptake hormones in the hen. And also, I would not use egg food, boiled hen eggs, or any seed or pellet mix with eggs as an ingredient. You really want to discourage egg laying in a single hen if at all possible. Egg laying can lead to egg binding, chronic egg laying, and prolapse which all can lead to death.
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    Re: Should I play nature sound tracks to my budgie?

    I have a youtube playlist of relaxing instrumentals I leave on for my 3 when I go to work. I used to play budgie recordings (them singing, chattering, etc) for my birds but a friend mentioned since they have an established flock sounds it may be seen as a threat instead of keeping them happy. I would think a single budgie wouldnt have that issue, but I am not sure.
    Anyway, since I work 8 hours a day I leave the instrumentals on and pick videos that are 2 or more hours long. That way the music doesnt "run out" before I get home. I have a smart TV and use youtube because of the vast amount of material hosted there. I have found videos specifically formulated for parrots.

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