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Thread: Flaky Cere and Beak?

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    Question Flaky Cere and Beak?

    Hi all, I've had my female budgie for a little over a year now, she's a darling but I'm a little concerned about her cere and beak at the moment.
    pic of her currently:

    I know the ceres of females can turn more brown/crusty during hormonal seasons, but the dry/dusty/flaking of her cere is a tad concerning since I've never seen her cere like it before? Could be normal and I'm just a over concerned bird parent lol. But getting a second opinion would be good before taking a trip to a pricey vet. She's acting as normal, no loss of energy or odd behaviour.

    I'm pretty sure her flaky beak appearance is due from her either not getting enough calcium/vitamins from her diet and just general beak growth. Reluctantly I haven't been giving her fruits and veggies, mainly seed for the past months due to being seriously tight on money but that's now sorted. This last week I've been introducing lettuce and small pieces of banana to her seed, what would you guys recommend to give her a boost so to say? Any sort of mineral blocks, pellets or vitamin drops you guys usually buy for your own budgies?

    Mainly worried because I'm planning to get her a new friend soon, since in a few months I'll be juggling college classes and won't be able to interact with her as much as I currently do. Also don't want to introduce a new budgie (after quarantine of course) to a possibly sick budgie. Thanks!

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    Re: Flaky Cere and Beak?

    Hi and welcome! In my view, being a little over a year old, she could be in a puberty stage. This means her entire body feathers as well as the cells of the beak will be renewed, and then she will be an adult budgie. Also, it is possible that rather crusty cere you see could in time change to the whole cere to being the crusty brown you speak about. This means her hormones have peaked, and she is in breeding condition, and could lay eggs. Single hens can lay eggs without a male mate.

    It is definitely important that she have plenty of calcium. Cuttlebone is the best choice, along with a seed mix that has good vitamin content, and the fresh veggies and fruits. Check the ingredients on the seed sack or box to see if there is a list of vitamins in the mix. If you are not using pellets, you can get a small bottle of birdy vitamins in the pet shop, and put a few drops in the seed mix, not in the water because they can go rancid in water, about once every 10 days. Do not feed egg food, or eggs of any kind to her. Sometimes there is egg food in the seed mix. Eggs tend to increase the hormones in a hen, and if possible, you do not want a single hen laying eggs, because they can get egg bound if they have not had enough calcium, or they also can have a prolapse, or also become a chronic egg layer which means laying eggs all of the time. This will compromise her health.

    If it were me, I would wait a few weeks to get her the new friend, because hormone time or puberty time is not the best time to introduce a new budgie. If you were to get a female, more than likely they would not get along because hens who lay eggs are very protective of them, and two females often get aggressive toward each other. I also recommend you get a budgie that is about the same age as she is now. A baby budgie will not be appropriate, especially with a female, because she will play mother to that one. And males can dominate a budgie that is younger than they are.

    If you get a male, also get one her age. And be prepared for them to breed, the hen lay eggs, and hatch chicks. Do a Google search on breeding budgies, if you are interested, before you put a male and female in the same cage. I hope
    this info will be of help to you. I could not access the picture. It could be due to security software on my computer.
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