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Thread: Soon to be GCC parent! I need some input please :)

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    Soon to be GCC parent! I need some input please :)

    Hello there

    Within this week, I will be bringing home my new GCC He/She is about 3-4 month old from a small breeder a few cities over(about an hour drive).
    I'll be posting pictures when I receive him/her. For now, we will call it a her since I have the gut feeling its a female(of course I could be very wrong :P ).

    With that said, I want to be sure I am getting all the points down for ensuring the best transition possible.
    For one, during the morning, the bird will be in the living room spending time with my parents, but then during the rest of the day into evening, will spend its time in my room with me. I plan on bringing the cage into my room and keeping her in my room for the first few days as my room tends to stay very quiet

    We purchased this cage which arrives tomorrow

    A bigger cage will be coming soon. My bff's fiance is planning on building an indoor walking aviary this summer so she will be giving me her Prevue cage (I think it's 36 X 25 or something like that).

    *I was wondering what types of perches I should get. I've read some different things online and was just confusing myself more and more
    I know manzanita is a must. I read that a rope perch is a must, but I also read against this because her nails can get stuck and she can hurt herself in the panic?.

    Regarding toys, I know that cloth type toys are dangerous, as are the cozy hut things. I'll be picking up toys without these in the next few days, before the little one comes home.
    What toys do you suggest? As in what types should I get my bird.

    Next, diet, which is concerning to me, but something that can be remedied I pray
    Currently, she is being fed volkmans cockatiel and also mixed in sunflower and safflower. I want to change this. I know that fresh fruit and veges are important, but I want to do a ratio, from what I researched of 80 %pellet to 20% seed. What brands would you suggest for a GCC and what size? I heard Roudybush and Zupreem were good. I'd also need advice on introducing pellets.

    Spray millet is also on the shopping list. As is cuttlebone.
    Also bird safe wipes to wipe down the cage as well

    Regarding a cage cover, I plan on running to the fabric store and buying something. Are there fabrics that are recommended or that I should avoid?

    Sorry for the questions. I just want to ensure that my GCC has the best life possible.

    Thank you!
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