Peachy my yellow sided conure is female. She is loose from 9am til I go to bed which I then put her back in the cage. For sometime at 10pm she flies to the top of the shelf which has boxes.
Yesterday I went to check what she does up there. she has chewed the boxes making tiny fluff paper. I removed the fluffy paper. Last night she went up to the shelf and noticed
no chewed pieces and came to me and spent time on my lap. First time she has spent time with me since she started doing this. More bonded. Not sure if she will go up there tonight though.
I was told she will continue to this one place or another to lay eggs til she gets older.

Someone clearify whats going on. What do I do. No I do not want her to lay eggs. I only have one bird.

My other conure was male which passed so this is new to me. I need to know If im doing wrong removing her work.

Thanks in advance.