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Thread: Budgie training help

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    Question Budgie training help

    Hi !
    I need some guidance !
    So i got two budgies a little over three weeks ago, first got the one, because it was the last they had, came back a few days later and (hopefully) got him a buddy. Theyve currently been kept apart to make sure neither is sick, pretreat for mites and to help with hand training.
    The first one had all his head bars, so he was fairly young and got comfortable with us within two days, did the step up, would fly to us and generally loves being out with us.
    The second i was told was young, but because he was white, didnt have the head bars. I bring him home, and as soon as i see him up close, he has his iris rings, so obviously not a young bird by any means. His taming is going much slower, we're at the point i can keep my hand in the cage and close to him without a total freakout by me just being there, which is really nice and he'll grind his beak when im in there with him.

    Their quarantine is coming to a close in a few days, and I was wondering if keeping him in the livingroom with us, where he gets to see how the other budgie is with us, do you think it might make him a little more confident?
    I dont intend on putting them in the same cage until theyre ok with eachother, and i dont want to let him out of his cage until hes atleast learned how to step up so i can put him back without scaring the ever living hell out of him by chasing him.
    Or should i just keep him in another room entirely until hes learned to step up and THEN bring him downstairs?

    Never had two budgies before, so not entirely sure how to go about this

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    Re: Budgie training help

    Yes, I agree. Keep him in the livingroom where the other budgie will be located, a distance away. And also, I recommend getting each one a mirror, for company, and a swing. It may take quite awhile to get them used to each other. Ideally, after about 30 days, slowly introduce them to each other, beginning with a few minutes, with your supervision, and slowly extending time together. Then, return them to their own separate cages. It varies as to how long it will take. Time and patience will win for you!!!

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