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Thread: What is a good first bird

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    What is a good first bird

    Hi everyone. Iím new to keeping birds and I was wondering what bird would be good to start off with. Iíve done some research and the list I came up with are English budgies or parakeets, cockatiels and zebra finches. I was wondering which of these birds or any other would be best for a first time owner.

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    Re: What is a good first bird

    Parakeets are really great birds and some of them are very good at talking. They are also friendly people birds too. I also really like lots of other birds but parakeets seem like a perfect first bird.
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    Re: What is a good first bird

    I agree that parakeets/budgies are a great first bird! They are loving, happy, and very intelligent, easy maintenance, can sing and talk, if male, and are a joy to have in your life and home!!! I suggest a male!! Then you do not have to deal with a female that may lay eggs. You do not have to have a male and female pair for the hen to lay eggs. A single hen can lay them as well, and it is always a possibility they can get egg bound, or become chronic egg layers, which means laying eggs all the time, which can ruin their health, or have an egg prolapse. All of these can cause death.

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    Re: What is a good first bird

    Well you've had the answer- but I'll back it up as well. Male budgies. Generally forgiving, easy going, playful little guys

    No worries about hormones and egg laying.

    Plus all the male budgies I've known have learnt at least a few words. I write this as Bluey the budgies is sitting on my computer screen, and has just tucked up for a nap. When we last wrote them all out, I think he had 50+ words and phrases - and I know he's picked up a few more since then.

    Though I will say - personally find budgies a bit dirtier than lovebirds... might just be my two lovies have been cleaner than most. Certainly there's more dust with Bluey than with Sam...

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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    Re: What is a good first bird

    To be honest, your list of choices all seem fantastic so its upto you which one you want granted that budgies are 'easier' to take care of then lets say a cockatiel. Some people will say that budgies must come in pairs but I would suggest that you get one baby budgie (preferably male as you don't have to worry about egg laying shenanigans) and bond with him for lets say a given period of 8 months. Only then would I suggest getting him a companion as you want your bird to bond with you otherwise any bird would prefer to bond with another birds. Hope you have fun with whichever bird you choose!
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