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Thread: Keeping a starling with quail

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    Keeping a starling with quail

    I'm thinking of getting a pet starling, but seeing some other people's setups for them I might not have enough space for something huge inside. I'm building an aviary for my button quail, could I keep a starling in the aviary with them? If I kept the starling inside in a smaller cage most of the time, could I let it in with the quail to have more flying room for a couple hours a day? Would they harass each other?
    What's the smallest cage a starling can stay in comfortably? It'll get let out in a room or possibly outside if it's okay with quail, so it won't be in it all the time, but in general what size is okay for them to live in?
    Sorry for so many questions. I just want to figure out where and how to keep it before I have one and it's learning to fly :P

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    Re: Keeping a starling with quail

    Wish I can help you. Most people on this forum have domesticated parrots such as budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, conures, doves and other parrots. Being from Michgian, I have seen starlings and quails, but only wild ones and not as pets. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out.
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    Re: Keeping a starling with quail

    Hi, and welcome! If it were me, I would not house therm together, but put the starling in a cage by itself. Be sure the cage bar width is very narrow, no wider than a half inch. And, quite honestly, wild birds do not get along too well in a caged environment, especially the very small ones like the starlings. Just a thumbs up on the possibility it may not thrive!

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