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Thread: Yellow Feathers around beak?

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    Yellow Feathers around beak?

    I'm a beginner bird owner and currently have two baby budgies that are 9 weeks old. Around two weeks ago I noticed one of the budgies had yellow feathers on the sides of her beak(which is a white area on both budgies) and I assumed that it may have been caused by the pellet being mixed with the vegetables and getting soggy. I separated the pellets and vegetables( I also supplied a bath but they did not use it and ignored it) and their feathers seem to be normal until a few days ago when I noticed that they both seem to have yellow feathers on the side of their beaks. They act completely normal, chirping, eating normal, playing around their cage, etc. They don't like baths so I simply mist them with water a few times a day. Is it possible that my budgies are ill or they are simply getting dirty from eating?

    I'd also like to note that I got a spray body a week ago to mist them with water since they won't use their bath so I don't know if that might possibly be a reason to their feathers turning yellow?

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    Re: Yellow Feathers around beak?

    Hi, and welcome!! Since they are babies, it is very possible those yellow feathers are brand new and your budgies could end up with yellow feathers even down by the throat area. Or, it also could be from the fresh veggies.

    If they were my budgies, I would feed a mix of 80% of good quality budgie seed, and 20% pellets and the fresh veggies. I think seeds, being natural, and not man made, as pellets are, should be a big part of their diet

    Spritzing them is fine! It could be the water discoloring the beak feathers. I use pure bottled water for my birds to drink, every day, because I do not want them to have chemicals from city water.

    They look healthy, happy, and are precious and beautiful! We will welcome updates anytime!
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