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Thread: How to keep budgies cool during summer???

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    Question How to keep budgies cool during summer???

    Hi all (again!)

    Just wanted to ask a question to all experienced budgie owners out there for a total beginner like me. I'm curious how do you keep you keep your birds cool during the summer? Eg if there indoor birds what do you do ? As budgies don't like drafts (so I can't put a fan in my room to keep them cool... Even though I hav one..) I know misting is an option which I do do but the birds don't like it too much. I have also thought of bringing them out in there mini cage outside but what concerns me is if they catch any mites outside.... I just don't want the birds to overheat in my room... Thanks for any help

    Update on the birds since last post----- I think they may have a respiratory infection as I see signs of it (but can't confirm it) They sneeze quite a lot, tail bobbing. I currently trying my best to treat it with something called wheeze-eeze.. There are no avian vets near where I live so I have to try an online thing. I'm hoping it will work.

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    Re: How to keep budgies cool during summer???

    The main goal is to not keep them in air conditioned rooms without covering their cage with a light weight blanket, or sheet, three sides, with front side open in daytime, and four sides covered at night. Budgies are prone to getting sick from drafts in the room or home. I did a search for wheeze eeze and found it is a herbal mix of ingredients. Personally, I would be afraid to give this to my birds because herbs are very potent, and with small birds like budgies, it may make them die.

    Budgies can get overheated in the outside sun, or in a room with no fan, super hot termps, and not having adequate water for drinking, or being subjected to outside high temperatures if cage is placed outside in the heat.

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    Re: How to keep budgies cool during summer???

    I've found that it's okay for budgies to be in warm rooms, just as long as it doesn't get too hot or the temperature escalates quickly. Taking them outside would be good, the sun is good for them and whilst they will be kinda scared it provides stimulation, plus I don't think mites would be a huge issue. If you're looking to keep a room cool, my suggestion is, if there are any windows in the room, put them on lock, the draft will keep the room slightly cooler whilst not posing a risk. I also tend to open my patio door when it gets too hot, but to z point where cool air comes in, but they can't get out. You could also try closing the curtains slightly to block some sunlight.

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