Hello, it's me again (sorry!). My budgies are still not tamed (only one is making progress, but now he is starting to bite and scratch). My green budgie (Mango) will eat from my hand and step on occasionally, my second bird (Momo) will sometimes eat from my hand, and the last one, Misa, has not made any progress and will hop away even if I put my hand out to feed others.

Mango began stepping on a while back but now when he steps on, he always begins to bite and scratch without making any attempt to actually step off. The only way I can get him to step off is to move my hand away from his original perch. He always eats from my hand and I can pinch a small piece of millet in between my fingers and he'll come right over. He hops over whenever I even put my hand inside the cage now. Mango is a mostly friendly bird, he's just biting. I have tried telling him no firmly and telling him to stop, but it's no use.

Momo often will eat from my hand though sometimes she will move away. I have not attempted the 'step up' command since she goes away when she realizes I'm not there to feed her.

Misa just doesn't eat from my hand at all. I'm pretty sure she's still scared of me.

I have not let them out of their cage yet and I am planning to do so soon. The question is- how do I let them out? They won't go near the door except to climb, and the only one that hops on my finger is now biting like his life depended on it. And if they do go out, how should I let them back in?

I also need advice with hand training them, especially to get Mango to stop biting.

Sorry for this long post