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Thread: First Clutch of eggs from budgies didnot hatch

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    Unhappy First Clutch of eggs from budgies didnot hatch

    Hello There,
    i have a Pair of budgies almost 2 years old ,laid one clutch of eggs (11) and none of them hatched even after a month of incubating.after 3 weeks over,they started fighting inside the nest box and spending time outside. So i candled the eggs and didnt notice any nerves or bloodlines on the eggs.All the eggs have a yellow patch inside and the rest is clear.I saw the birds mating fewtimes before they completed the first clutch. Now i removed the eggs and the nest box to give them a break. Just before i removed the nest box i noticed another egg was laid.
    Today which is after two days of removing the nest box ,i noticed another egg on the cage floor (which i checked with a light and noticed a yellow patch and the rest is clear). Please can some one clarify

    1. is the first clutch full of infertile eggs?
    2. Did they already started laying the second clutch (as i noticed one more egg laid two days after the nest was removed)
    3. How long a break i should give before i put the nest box back?

    i Gave good seed diet with egg food ,vitamins, minerals ,calcium all the way .Should i continue this diet even after the nest box is removed?

    Any help rendered is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Re: First Clutch of eggs from budgies didnot hatch

    Hi, and welcome. Are you sure you have a pair. Have they ever been DNA sexed for female or male.

    It is common for a hen to sometimes lay eggs right away after a first clutch did not hatch. Personally, I would not put the nest box back in the cage for a few months, because laying 11 eggs is very, very, stressful for a hen, and deplete her calcium in the body. I would take any eggs she lays now and put them in a cage floor corner, and let her set on them there. You cannot just throw them away. She will immediately begin another clutch. You can either get dummy eggs to use, by replacing an egg with a dummy, or you can boil the eggs and give them back to her, one by one as they are laid. She needs to keep those eggs, on the cage floor, as lays them, as described above, for about 30 days, or until she abandons them and no longer pays attention to them.

    I would continue to feed the good diet you describe, but do not feed eggs or egg food. Both tend to uptake the hormones of a hen, and causes her to want to nest. She needs a good diet for the long term, because I am sure she will be laying more eggs for the long term.

    We will welcome your posts and updates anytime.
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