Hi there. I own 2 parakeets, one male and one female, named Romeo and Juliet. Iím joining this forum looking for friends and answers to questions I might have. Iíve had my budgies for almost 4 years. Theyíve mated, but Juliet has never laid eggs, and Iíve never done anything to make her want to. But over the last 2 months, I noticed sheís been kicking her food out of her dish a lot, usually all day long. Iíve researched why she would do this and since at the time, I changed their food, I figured that was the culprit. She stopped for awhile, but started again about 3 weeks ago. Then yesterday as I was going to refill their food dish, I found an egg in the dish. Now, they donít have a nesting box because I never wanted to encourage nesting. But now that she has laid an egg, and from what Iíve learned sheís gonna lay one every 2 days, up to 5-7 eggs. CAn someone please help me so that I donít do anything wrong. Do I buy a nesting box, and if I do, do I move the egg into the box. I canít imagine leaving the egg in the food dish. Unfortunately, my birds only eat seeds. I have many times attempted to give them fresh fruits and veggies, but they wonít eat it. I did start giving them a fruit blend of pellets recently. They do have a cuttlebone. And they also eat the millet. I appreciate any help and recommendations from you guys. I want to make sure I do this right.