Hi, Iím new to this forum and to bird keeping. I got a cute hand fed budgie two weeks ago. It was weaned when I brought it home at about 10 weeks old. Itís too young to know the sex yet. The bird, Kiko, has already bonded with me and I give it lots of attention and out of cage time. It steps up on to my finger and rides around on my shoulder already and is really sweet. It has a nice large cage with toys, a swing and things to climb on, also a cool tree play structure outside the cage and toys. The thing is the Kiko is extremely needy. It has never become territorial about the cage or ever gone back inside it on its own. Not once. doesnít really play with toys much and when in its cage paces A LOT! Itís constantly wanting out and can be very intense about it. Now as much as I love having Kiko out, I have things I need to do that the bird cannot be a part of. I do not want to get another bird as a friend for Kiko at this time as I absolutely do not want breeding budgies down the road. So my question is how do I foster independence in Kiko? I am artist who paints in a home studio and am home all day most days so Kiko is not left alone for extended periods of time. This evening I had to cover the cage to settle the manic pacing down. Anyone have some advice? Thanks!