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Thread: Orange face in Peach face, and how it works?

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    Orange face in Peach face, and how it works?

    Hi people new here, I had Peach face way back when Greens, Aquas, Lutino, Creamino, Pied. was the main colours and Orange face way just starting to be seen. I've always like Peach face and I've just got my self a new breeding starter group. My main questions at the minute is I've read from two different sites that Orange face is simple recessive and a type of dominate, witch one is it? Also are split Orange face visual Het's, if a bird is carrying Orange face it can be seen or is that a myth? And how dose Orange face interact with the Blue types, Dose Orange face express with Aqua and Turquoise types. Or dose the Blue over dominate the Orange face. So you can get a Orange face Aqua or Turquoise but it can't be seen by the eye, but a Blue type with orange face has Orange face has a genetic value. Sorry about the question over load i do know the basics of genetics like Simple recessive, Dominate, Co-dominate, sex liked, so if anyone knows there stuff you can lay it out how you would.

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    Re: Orange face in Peach face, and how it works?

    Orange Face is recessive, split birds are supposed to have very light orange feathers in the cloacal area.

    The problem when you breed them with a blue split OF is the forehead tends to have an orange shade. As with blue type the main goal is to obtain a pure white mask, it is better to avoid to breed orange face and blue together.

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