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Thread: Three males??

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    Three males??

    Hello all!
    Three weeks ago we got our two boys a much much bigger cage.... Right after we got the cage, I found out the lady who we got both our boys from had 11 babies (Cockatiels). Our boys actually don't seem to love their new large cage but anyway, I've been thinking....

    I just found out she got DNA back today....... 4 whiteface cockatiels.... 3 males, 1 female.. two of the males are reserved...... Gah!! I'm so excited, I want him!!!!

    Is it a bad idea bringing a third male in? I don't believe my boys are bonded. They are good buddies and sometimes they fight like siblings.... We got them each at about 8 weeks old, one in Feb 2017, the second in April 2017.

    I said I want to meet him before we commit as our second boy is a bit nervous and I hate that... She's out of town right now but maybe Sunday night or Monday night.

    If we get him, we would have a pied, a normal grey and a whiteface.

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    Re: Three males??

    Sometimes, older males, do not appreciate a new baby, and could be controlling, and even aggressive with him. My thought and suggestion is to put the new baby in its own cage, especially for a few weeks. Then, gradually introduce the new one to the older two, with supervised time out of cage, as well as having the three in the same cage together for awhile. Easing him into the other cage, could work. It will take time and patience.

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