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Thread: Kathy

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    I have a female budgie that I thought was going to have a delivery, this would have been her first although she is about 6 years old. Her mate did the necessary and being new at the game of procreation I just sat back and watched nature take its course. I spent lots of time checking the internet and finally found tailfeathers which is a good thing cause my little girl seems to be having problems. I thought she be egg bound but itís been a couple of weeks now. She is grooming her mate and he is taking care of her too. Now she looks like sheís shivering, whatís happening?

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    Re: Kathy

    Hi, and welcome to the community. In my view, if they do not have a wooden nesting box, you need to get one asap, and put it in their cage. Also, put the egg or eggs in the box when she lays them, if she lays them outside the box. What diet are they eating? The hen needs extra calcium when laying eggs, so be sure to give both of them plenty of cuttlebone, which is calcium. You can crush it and mix the tiny pieces in with their seed. Also, feed some leaf lettuce and cilantro to them few times a week. You can also feed other fresh veggies, but do not feed them kale, broccoli, cabbage, or any cabbage family veggies. Google veggies in the cabbage family. That will bring up a list of those veggies. The reason for not feeding them is that they can cause esophagal tumors in budgies.

    Also, do a google search for...breeding budgies. There are several sites that have great information about the process. A nest box is very important. It keeps the mom warm, as well as the babies when they hatch. She could be cold, that may be causing the shivering. The hen should lay an egg every other day.. They can lay as many as 9-10 eggs in a clutch\batch. We will welcome any questions you may have and updates.
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