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Thread: Why did my cockatiels behavior change?

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    Why did my cockatiels behavior change?

    When I first got my cockatiel, he was quiet and sat in the corner as any bird would do in a new environment. A day or two later, hes climbing on the cage walls in a circle or pacing back and forth on his perch and singing ear piercing chirps and wouldnt stop unless he was asleep. After a week of that, he got sick so he stopped chirping and was always sleeping at the bottom of his cage. He slowly got better over the course of a few days he was back up on his perches and seemed better. But ever since he got better I expected him to go back to his usual active, chirping personality, but he barely chirps now unless I turn on a video with birds chirping and mostly sleeps.
    He is my first bird and I'm not sure why his personality changed so much.. can someone explain this to me?

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    Re: Why did my cockatiels behavior change?

    Did you take him to a vet for his illness? Did they give you meds for him? How long has it been since he got sick? In my view, I would call the vet, if he was treated, and report his behavior now. If he was not seen by a Vet, my advice to you would be to take him in for a wellness check. He could have a serious illness.

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    Re: Why did my cockatiels behavior change?

    I agree with Ellen if he isn't acting like himself a vet check might be needed. Birds hide their illnesses because in nature they never show their weakness.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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