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Thread: 9 week old - Male or Female?

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    9 week old - Male or Female?

    Wondering if the sex of this budgie can be identified at this age. It’s 9 weeks old. I posted photos in an album in my profile page called a Jade. I can’t figure out how add them as part of this post.
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    Re: 9 week old - Male or Female?

    Awww!! The pics are beautiful! He or she is gorgeous! I would lean towards male, because the cere, the spot above the beak has some light blue coloring. In a few weeks, it should turn a darker shade of blue if it is a boy. And a girl has ivory colored or light cream colored cere. It does appear he is quite young. He does not have his black dot necklace ( that is my own description) as yet, and as he gets older you will see these black dots appear around his neck, and also, the black bars on the top of his head will also disappear by the time he is a year old.Thank you for sharing the pictures. We will wecome your updates and pictures anytime! You chose the perfect friend!!! I love him!

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