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Thread: Budgies have gone silent...

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    Question Budgies have gone silent...

    Hi again

    Just wanted to ask for some advice as I'm not sure about the budgies. Ok so about a week ago I noticed the budgies which I had got in February (as youngsters) started to moult again (as when I got them they where currently moulting there baby feathers). I've noticed during this second moult which began last week, the larger features are being shed eg wing feathers and tail (I think). Is this normal for the bird to have a second moult? And about 3 days ago they stopped chirping and talking . They've been intensely preening the past 3 days and I unsure if it's normal for them to actually stop talking? I've been giving them daily baths, which they take and the johnsons moultone tonic. I checked one of the birds for mites (I didn't see any... I think) as I remember this moult started with one of the birds having pin feathers on his head. They are definately pulling out a lot of bigger feathers that didn't come out last time. Is this normal for them to go silent? And to be less active (sry I ment to add it earlier) they basically preen all day long and when there not doing that it's as if there sleeping.. It's very wierd. Any advice is appreciated.. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Budgies have gone silent...

    I know when we had Boomer and he went through molts he actually felt horrible. Granted he was not healthy because of his issues but he was silent and basically sat around for days and days. I think when they do the big molts where the tail feathers and wing feathers come out it is hard on them. Lots of misting and bathes temporarily help but honestly time is the only way they will finally be back to their normal cheeping selfs. Our avian vet tells all us parronts to give a tiny pea sized dab of organic red palm oil to our birds daily. It helps there skin and feathers from the inside out. She also says pure organic Aloe is good for the skin as well but not everything agrees. We put a two drops of it in a spray bottle with distilled water and mist our birds here when they molt as well.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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