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Thread: My Cockatiel and Budgie don't get on

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    My Cockatiel and Budgie don't get on

    My two birds seem to really hate each other, and I don't know what to do.

    I've had a budgie for a few months now, and he is fairly tame - happy to fly over to me, sit on my hand, climb all over my laptop etc. He has never bitten me or acted aggressively towards me. He isn't clipped, and his cage is open pretty much all day, as I am constantly around and he is happy to go in and out of his cage as he pleases. He gets very upset if we keep his cage shut.

    I got a cockatiel a while ago - he lives in a seperate cage to the budgie, but we have had to put up a cloth sheet on one side of his cage (the side that faces the budgie's cage) because the budgie (being able to fly around as he pleases) would keep flying up to the cage and bothering him.

    They are generally fine now - sometimes the budgie will fly up to the bars of the cockatiel cage and they will fight with beaks for a bit, but it isn't too bad.

    However, now that we have had the cockatiel for a while we want to also allow him to fly around the room, but this causes huge problems between the two of them. The cockatiel doesn't even have time to slowly leave his cage and start to explore, because if we leave the door open the budgie flies in, bothers him and eventually scares him out of the door. When they are both out of their cages they spend pretty much the whole time fighting, and the cockatiel seems pretty scared.

    What should I do? Do I break up the fights (and how?)? Do I let them keep going, and hope after a couple more weeks they will settle down and get on? Is there any way to make them more friendly? I am tempted to keep the budgie in his cage for a bit while I let the cockatiel out, but he hates being cooped up (weirdly he loves his cage and is happy to hang out there if the door is open, but lock him in and he gets unhappy).

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    Re: My Cockatiel and Budgie don't get on

    Budgies and cockatiels most of the time do not get along very well. Budgies, being smaller, are fast, and full of energy, just as you write, and really are considered to be a nuisance to cockatiels. My advice is to keep them in separate cages, always, and let each one have time out of cage separately. That will be the best way to handle the situation. You can play with each one, and not need to experience sparing or disagreement between them. Have a special treat for each while you have one out of cage, and cover the cage of the one that is in its cage with a sheet. That way, they will not see each other at all.

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    Re: My Cockatiel and Budgie don't get on

    I agree with Ellen to let them out at different times to have some out of cage time. I hope in time the budgie accepts the fact that he lives with a cockatiel and they start to get along enough that they can come out together for out of the cage time. You will need to keep them in separate cages always but I have met a budgie and cockatiel who were able to live in peace together out of the cage but these two were raised up together. You can never trust them fully out of the cage but in time they do accept each other but they still need to be always supervised when out of the cage.
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