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Thread: Tetola and Pistacchio are snipping at eachother out of jealousy over us :(

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    Tetola and Pistacchio are snipping at eachother out of jealousy over us :(

    Hi all!
    So, Riccardo and I have had Tetola for more than two years. She never truly became tame, though she enjoys having us around. She's always been skittish, mainly due to the fact that she had a rough start. Ricky and I saved her after a car hit her. She's fine physically, but that one day was extremely traumatic and I think it's shaped her character.
    We observed her behaviour over these last two years, and it became obvious that she could benefit from feathered company.
    In comes Pistacchio: a gey-green, hand-reared budgie. I quarantined him, and when doc said all was good, I introduced them.
    At first I tried putting them in their cages, but they got really agitated as neither is used to being in the cage during the day. I let Tetola out to explore Pistacchio's cage, and she seemed really keen, so I brought him out. That didn't go too well...

    Although things have calmed down significantly, they both get really jealous whenever one of us is in the room, especially Tetola. She's even coming to perch on us, something she wouldn't have done before, just to scare him away. There's been only one fight I've had to break up, but that was days ago.

    Thing is, it would make me incredibly sad if these two never got along. I don't expect them to become best buddies, but at least I'd like the snippy behaviour to stop.
    Neither one is especially aggressive, but this situation is making us actually feel bad for spending time with them because they get so agitated.
    What should I do? Separate them and try again in a few weeks? Wait it out?
    It's kind of heartbreaking to see them so stressed out, fighting over attention that would come their way regardless.

    Thanks for the help!

    https://ibb.co/VjBYsND Tetola

    https://ibb.co/1K1pVVy Pistacchio
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