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Thread: Two young budgies fighting?

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    Red face Two young budgies fighting?

    Hi people,
    yesterday I lost my first budgie as the window was blown open and he flew away. I'm still searching in hopes he's still alive and nearby, I left some seed at the window and every few hours I put some budgie sounds to see if he comes around. I left some posters around as well.
    Meanwhile, I got two new boys. They were on a pet store in the neighborhood where the caretaker seemed to abuse them a bit, shaking and punching the cage when they were loud. So I took them away with me. Since they were on the same cage on the store, I put them on the same cage at home. On the way here they seemed quite friendly with each other, chirping together and jumping from one perch to another together.
    Here at home they were pretty quiet for the first few hours, probably trying to get used to the new environment. But every now and then they seem to not get along too well. The peck each other, use their claws and all. They've been eating from the same feeder and seem to be getting along there, leaving each other enough space to eat, even moving aside to let the other get food. But a few minutes later they start bickering once again, screaming a lot. But even then they stay side by side. If one moves to another perch, the other follows. I just filmed Maradona scratching Zico's head very peacefully, the two getting along again. But, again, a few moments later, more "fighting".
    The pet store vet said they are really really young, about a month old, which would make them half the age of Lionel Messi, my escaped budgie. I'm not an expert in IDing age, but I definitely know they're really young, as their eyes are still all-black, their ceres are very light colored and they still have bars on the cap feathers. So maybe their displaying some young male behavior, like children playing around? When my dogs were puppies of the same litter they also used to "fight" all the time, and it's a pretty normal behavior among animals. If that's what they're doing, then I'll be relieved, as I'm worried they might hurt each other or one of them would be traumatized.
    Anyways, here's the video of the head scratching!
    Lionel Messi, wherever you are, know you're loved and will be missed. Hope you'll be back.
    Evita Perón

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    Re: Two young budgies fighting?

    Awww!! They are so beautiful and precious. I love them!!!! They do look very young, and healthy. The blue one seems a little bigger, and perhaps he is dominating the other one somewhat. As long as he or she is not being really mean with the other one, I would not be too concerned at this point. Be sure both get their seeds and water. If possible, they need to remain together. Budgies do spar on occasion, such as these to are doing. We will welcome your updates. You found two beauties!!! I am so happy for you. Losing them is always heartbreaking! These two will help to heal your heart due to losing the first one.

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