I noticed today my cockatiel Apollo plucking feathers and eating them... well I had sort of noticed it before but I never saw him holding the feather with his foot and eating it. I more rarely saw him eating something and I thought was a small feather that had fallen off by itself. But just today I saw him holding a feather and eating it so I made him drop it and stop eating it (I didnt know if it was bad). Later when I wasnt looking I turned around and noticed he was eating another feather! I did the same thing as before and not too long after that I heard him make a weird noise and and saw he was eating a slightly bigger feather... so I guess he plucked that feather and made a noise from the pain... I can only guess hes doing it from boredom because I cant interact with him at all because hes afraid of my hands so I cant take him out of the cage and he doesnt play with the toys I put in the cage (balls with bells, a hanging bell, popsicle sticks toy, and a hanging perch with a bell (he used to like bells before he got sick... idk why he ignores them now)) So he basically sits on his perches all day and preens himself and chirps/sings occasionally... i know that's not healthy but that's a whole other thing... anyways I'm worried and dont know how to cure his boredom. Also when I call his name when hes preening he stops and looks at me so I've been doing that more often because I cant tell if hes plucking feathers or preening 😭 I'm worrying myself sick about Apollo