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Thread: Treat suggestions?

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    Treat suggestions?

    I'm trying to get my cockatiel to trust me more, so I've been trying to feed him treats often. The problem is he doesnt seem interested in any treats I give him. I've tried giving him millets, but he never ate it. Only when he was sick he ate almost a whole spray. I would give him sunflower seeds but he has some in his food already (I'm slowly trying to turn him on pellets). I bought a whole box of cheerios thinking he would love that since a friend said her cockatiel does but mine is almost scared of them. I also tried giving him an apple and he took one bite and rejected it. The only thing he likes eating other than his daily seed/pellet food is some spinach. Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Treat suggestions?

    I would give him a fresh bowl of his seed mix and then watch which seeds he picks out to eat first. The first ones he eats will be his favorite one and that is the treat to give him when you want him to come to you. I sure know both Boomer and now Tikki will come flying to us instantly when we hold up a safflower seed and with Tikki the conure he will also fly over to a nice black sunflower. Its funny because even if he is eating his seed mix in his bowl he will still fly over to get the seed we are holding.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Treat suggestions?

    Seeing which deeds the bird eats first does help finding what he likes to eat. Surprised he does not like millet. My birds will eat all the millet I give them. I limit the amount they get now. You have tried a few things to test what he likes. You will probably get a few more tips to your post.

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    Re: Treat suggestions?

    I suggest you try grapenuts dry cereal. It has very little salt and or sugar in it. And further, spinach is a good fresh veggie, but if it were me, I would feed it sparingly because it does have quite a lot of iron in it. I also recommend safflower seed, as Deanna suggested. And, if it were me, I would feed a mix of 80% of a good quality seed mix and 20% pellet mix as the seed diet. Personally, I feed that seeds are very important in a bird diet, because they are from nature. Pellets are man made. I feel a bird should not eat pellets only. Fresh veggies, fruits, and the pellets and seeds are an excellent diet.

    It takes patience and perserverance to get them eating veggies and or fruits. Chop them up in tiny pieces. Also, Google search .....birdy bread, birdy mash, and chopped veggie recipes for cockatiels. Try different veggies and fruits each day. Put some on a plate and sprinkle seeds and pellets over them, and a tiny amount of unsweetenrd organic apple juice.

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    Re: Treat suggestions?

    I don't know if you still need help, but here's my suggestion: Try giving whatever veggies you eat (so long as they are safe). Let him see you eating some, then offer him his own. Every bird is different in what they'll like. I find that a bird will take to food more easily if they see you eating it. Sit by the cage while eating something and offer some through the bars. If he's into coming out of the cage, you can give him a shallow bowl at the dining table while you eat, with his own food in it. Try different shapes and sizes too. Some birds will take to tiny bits, others to thin slices, some will munch away on a big chunk. You never know. Some birds will also turn down anything wet. My Stoli would only eat food that was dehydrated, even though my other birds loved fresh food.

    Best of luck!
    Briana Blair
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