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Thread: Help! Hypochondriac needs reassurance about red mites!

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    Exclamation Help! Hypochondriac needs reassurance about red mites!

    Hi again

    So I saw what I thought was a red mite near my budgies cage last night just as I was putting to sleep. I'm afraid Incase they have red mites as I'm unsure where they would have come from. I was basically up all night reader Hong how to get rid of the red mite but to be honest I'm unsure if it is red mites (needing reassuring!) so the round red thing was outside my budgies cage and to be honest it looked to be a mite of a budgie. Something that looks similar to it was either a big spider mite? But it didn't move as fast as one! Or I found something called a clover mite? I did squish it and it was red !! But it had 8 legs and a round body. When I looking about red mites in Budgies they seem to be very small? And they don't go the solid bright red colour when there engorged they look sorta like raisins? A dark red? My birds generally aren't too restless at night... They were probably restless last night as I put a ivermectin drop on them (because I was afraid) I checked the birds with a torch throughout the night but couldn't find another red thing. I couldn't see anything moving in the budgies cage either... So do you think it was a one of? My birds are currently going through there second moult so could the be a cause? Any help would be appreciated! I'm currently terrified Incase there's a horde of these somewhere.. Please help!
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    Re: Help! Hypochondriac needs reassurance about red mites!

    I do not know nothing about mites but I will say in all the years of me and my extended family owning birds not one of our birds ever had mites. Sadly my sisters big birds really do not live a very clean cage all the time and they are both super healthy and never once had bugs of any sort in the cage. Tikki and Boomer never did either but they both live in clean conditions. This time of the year gnats start to come out and so do other bugs so I do hope your suspected bug was just something that got into your house. We have tons of little bugs and big bugs coming out around us here in Northern California because finally our weather is drying up after a major wet winter here. Bugs are everywhere here and really making us crazy. I do hope your little big you squished last night wasnt a mite and I hope you do not see any more of them.
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    Re: Help! Hypochondriac needs reassurance about red mites!

    I left the Windows in airing so maybe it came in ? It was also super windy yesterday to so I'm hoping it was just something else. It's very hard to tell as the birds are moulting atm (I hope it's moulting...) are red mites attracted to anything in particular? I get they feast on birds blood but but what concerns me is if there living in my room somewhere and coming out at night :S I'm gonna try the double sided sellotape trap tonight (just Incase!). I'm struggling to convince myself there not there.... The birds mainly preen during the day so if anything that's Normal? (As there moulting) I do occasionally see little black/ brown flakes or dots in some moulted feathers but I thought that was from the cork toy? As they like to chew the bark off it. Literally when I see something that I think is a parasite my brain goes crazy.... I'm itching all over!! It's just like when the

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