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Thread: My Budgie just laid 2 eggs but I need your help

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    Question My Budgie just laid 2 eggs but I need your help

    I have 3 Budgies, 2 female one male. A pair was mating and soon one female laid an egg for the first time. But the other female is constantly disturbing the other pair of budgies who laid the egg. Will this cause the pair to break their egg out of insecurity or is everything fine. Also any tips about how to care the buddies as I have no previous experience

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    Re: My Budgie just laid 2 eggs but I need your help

    Hi, and welcome. It is important you remove the second female, and put her in a separate cage. If you intend to try hatching the eggs, you neeed to get a regular parakeet/budgie wooden nesting box at a pet store. Ask specifically for that box. Then, put the box inside their cage, and any eggs that were laid need to be put in the box. Do not put any nesting material in the box. The hen takes her beak and shaves off tiny pieces of the wood from the box bottom. You will see a little indented circle in the middle of the box. That is where she will set on her nest. Get the box asap! If she lays more eggs before you get it, place all eggs in a corner of the cage bottom, and let her set on them there, until you get the box.

    Generally, you will not see the male inside of the box until after the first egg hatches. The male will stay on the perches until then, even at night. The hen will come out of the box only to eat and drink. But that will not happen until all of her eggs have been laid. An egg is laid every other day.up to nine eggs can be laid. The eggs hatch in about 21 days.

    Provide plenty of cuttlebone and a good seed mix, and fresh green lettuce to the pair. They need an excellent diet, because egg laying is very stressful to the hen.

    Do a Google search...breeding budgies! That will give you lots of info on breeding. Do not be surprised if the hen lays an egg off the perch. If the egg does not break, put it in the nest box. First time egg layers are somewhat immature on the process. Generally, the box will stop the laying eggs anywhere, which often happens without it. Any cracked or broken eggs need to be thrown away.

    We welcome you to the forum, and will welcome and watch for your updates. Good Luck!!
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