Hi I am Liz. I live in the West of France. I am English and a bird lover. I found a nestling in my garden yesterday. I contacted my local vet but they weren't interested but gave a number of a lovely lady who advised I keep it in over night and place it back in the nest this morning. After feeding it I did but no parents showed up and the bird was very cold so I brought it back inside. It doesn't open it's mouth for food and so I have had to force feed it. It opens and closes it's mouth now but all the time so I checked online and it looks like it has something stuck. I emptied it's mouth of food but dare not go too far down it's throat. Any idea what I can give it to eat that it can manage? Online suggested wet, soaked dog food which worked initially but I think I need something easier to digest. I am going to the et shop this afternoon to buy meal worms but any suggestions would be welcome.
Thank you for reading this post