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Thread: best way to clean a seed skirt without making a mess?

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    Question best way to clean a seed skirt without making a mess?

    hi all,

    just wanted to everyone who uses a seed skirt for there cages, how do you clean it without making a total mess everywhere? As i find everytime (when i do a full clean) im always unsure of which way to take the skirt off without the mess its collected coming out.my birds are due a full clean this weekend but due to the weather ive had to post-pone it. but usually what i do is take the cage outside and slide the skirt to the bottom of the cage (i cant do this indoors as it makes such a mess!) and then just lift the cage out. i then usually have to shake the skirt outside to get all the feathers and dander out. but is there an easier way to do this without have to do it outside all the time? i would usually strech the skirt near the base when indoors just to get the loose stuff at weekends but i can really only fully clean it when i do a full clean of the cage each month. is there an alternative to a seed skirt? i know there a seed guard that cover the whole base of the birds cage but if i used one of those i would be able to clean it daily as it has trays at the bottom. any ideas as im just currious how to prevent to feathers and loose seed with being easy to clean. any advice is appreciated. thank you in advance.

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    Re: best way to clean a seed skirt without making a mess?

    I think your idea of taking cage outside is the best way. With birds, there will always be seed scatters, and that is just a part of having them. I use a stick vac that has a small cup you can remove and clean on occasion to vacuum the rug every night. And also, I p!ace a plastic table cloth under the cages. That catches alot of the seed, and I just vac over it, and under it as well. You also can use a hand vac. They also come in handy!

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    Re: best way to clean a seed skirt without making a mess?

    A few months ago I bought a used cage for Benny Francis (baby Yellow-Naped Amazon).
    This cage has built-in removable plexiglas panels. It saves me from cleaning up a lot of food scattering outside of the cage. Maybe you can attach acrylic or plexi panels to the cage somehow, instead of the seed skirt?

    I've been thinking of doing something like this for years, but that's as far as I got, LOL.
    It would be easy to do. Just drill holes in the corners of plexiglas panels and anchor them onto the cage by using screws with large washers with wing nuts. Place the head of the screw and the washer on the inside of the cage, then on the outside, tighten it with a wing nut. To clean, just take off the plexiglas panel.

    Ya know? I never even figured out how to do this until I started writing this post! Thanks so much for asking! You never know how the question can help someone else!
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