Hi all,

I haven't posted in a long time because of moving and starting my new job. I thought I'd give you some great news about the birds regarding the move.

First, little Wolfie Barry James, the disabled cockatiel. He's still being hand-fed baby formula even though he's nearly 2 years old. But he's pretty healthy. He had gone from 49 grams to 75 when I last brought him home in February. But, he has not been very vocal. At this new apartment, he's actually singing the Andy Griffith Theme! And, he's picked up several new words. He's thriving at this new place! I couldn't be happier for him.

Next, little Smokey Bear (e.g.: Smokey Beary James) lost his pearls, as we figured he would. His grey color looks a little darker, so he and Wolfie are sometimes a little hard to tell apart.

Finally, baby Benny Francis is talking up a storm, and he's learning to sing. He sings Cu Cu RRu Paloma with an operatic trill. He also finally sings the words to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. But, one day when I was singing it to him, when I got to the second line it went: How I wonder what you.... then Benny Francis said 'I know it'. I tried it again and the next time I said the second line, he finished it with 'I know'.
He has a really big vocabulary already. Just about anything he hears he says. He also loves his new home.

I went from sheer devastation when I was told I no longer would have my 14 year job and my home, plus my source of income - to pure elation when I got this new job and FREE apartment! I didn't know how the birds would handle being moved, but I'm beyond thrilled to report that they love their new home!

I miss you guys, but I now am in an office full time. At 72 years old, it's been quite an adjustment. But it's working out well.