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Thread: Feather plucking pt.2

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    Feather plucking pt.2

    I made a post about this before not too long ago but I'd like to follow up on what's been happening. The responses to my last post said Apollo was molting and I agree, seeing as little and sometimes big feathers are on the bottom of his cage every day, but is it possible hes molting AND plucking his feathers? I see him bury his face in his feathers like hes cleaning then hear him make this awful noise like he's angry/hurting himself. After I hear that I look up at him and see him eating his feathers. Do birds pluck out their own feathers when molting like they're impatient or something? And should i stop him from eating them?
    Oh and I forgot to mention the feathers dont have any blood on them at all. Would they have blood if they were plucked?

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    Re: Feather plucking pt.2

    I still believe it is just molting. My cockatiel has been doing the same thing recently. He too, keeps preening and pulling out the small down feathers. This is his annual molt time. So far, he is not eating the feathers, but he is chewing holes in the paper towel I use on the cage floor, and also playing in his poop, even eating some!! Ugh. He is also squwaking when he pulls his feathers out!!! Lolol. It's hard to stop them from eating the feathers or the poop, for sure!!!

    I think feather plucking tends to be of the longer feathers rather than the under small feathers. Try spritzing him with some tepid warm water. Their skin gets very dry while mo!ting, so the water will moisten up his skin. Also,plucking can draw blood, because they just keep picking one spot, over and over again, and their are naked spots then.
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