Hi I got a cockatiel in April. The owner didnít want him any more and the poor little boy was in a tiny round cage with no interaction. His wings where grazed where he had gone around and around the bars. He is now in a large cage, he has plenty of toys, natural perches to chew, lots of room to spread his wings and multi levels. When we first got him he didnít know how to play but slowly he is learning. I had cockatiels as a child and never experienced the difficulty that Iím having with Olly for trying to tame him. I understand he has basically been dumped for the first 18 months of his life so itís going to be a long process. I make sure my hand is in the cage each day to get him used to it and not see it as a threat, he loves millet seed so Iíve tried holding the millet while he pecks at it, this only works maybe once a week. Iíve tried letting his door open and put a permanent perch on the outside, at times he will come out and stand on it but flees every time I go near him. Does anyone have any other ideas I could try? I would love for either him to be my friend or to get a bird friend for him eventually but Iím scared they wouldnít get on and I do not have the room for two permanent cages as his one is huge already 🙈 I just donít want him to be lonely. I am at home all day due to ill health so itís not like he is ever left alone except for night time and appointments. I talk to him regularly, he basically is my go to ďpersonĒ to talk to now. Thanks in advance