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Thread: I'm introducing myself

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    Re: I'm introducing myself

    It very well could be hormones. The pair I bred only one time, several years ago, did get into their hormones at Xmas time. I know for som caregivers, that would be rather early, but birds are birds, and I think caged birds have hormones on their minds all the time! :lo. So, right now, it sounds like that may be happening.

    I had no intention of breeding, but it happened. I had what I thought were 5 males, but on Xmas eve that year, I left my home for awhile, and when I returned,the budgies had been fighting. Feathers all over the inside of the cage, and one male, Pete, had a jammed toe, which in time did heal. I had never seen them fighting. The next day, I saw Nikki and Buttercup mating!!! Whew! A few days later, Buttercup laid an egg. So, my 5 males suddenly turned into 4!!

    I purchased a nest box, and put it in the cage, and about the 20th of January, the eggs began to hatch. 4 beautiful, precious babies!

    If you do have a female, the male will court her. If you have more than one male, they will compete to take her as their mate. The pair will begin mating. New hens often times lay eggs off the perch, which often break, so, if you do see a pair mating, then, if you want babies, get the wooden nest box, especially made for budgies, at the pet shop. Put it inside a cage. It is best to separate a pair, and give them their own cage, if there are other budgies besides the pair, in the cage.

    If you do not care to breed, either boil the eggs and return them to the hen to nest with them, or buy dummy eggs and substitute dummy eggs for real eggs. Also, if you don't want babies, then any eggs the hen lays, place them on a piece of paper towel (boiled or the dummy eggs) on the cage floor in a corner. And allow hen to nest with her eggs there, for about 21 days, or until she abandons them.

    Nest boxes encourage nesting and mating. Do not use happy huts or tents for a nest. They do not work, because they are too small when eggs hatch, and the hut gets to be a totally poopy nest, and the babies can fall out of the hut.

    You could be getting an unexpected Xmas present!!! An unhatched egg!!!

    Merry Xmas and Happy New year to you and your family and to your birds!!
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    Re: I'm introducing myself

    Well, my cockatiel thread disappeared. Hmm. Anyway. I've 10 keets now. Very nice. Dale and I still aren't friends. 🤣

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