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Thread: Introducing diamond doves and a ringneck dove

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    Introducing diamond doves and a ringneck dove

    Hi everyone,

    It has been awhile since my last post, apologies for that. I thought I would start a new thread to introduce some new members of the family. My partner's dad gave him some diamond doves because he could no longer look after them. Funnily enough, it was my partner who bought them for his father, because it reminded him of some doves that he used to have when he was a young boy on a farm in his home country of El Salvador. They have always lived outside, but they had cover where they were first and they still got blankets even outside, to protect them from the cold during the winter, I think his father had them for about a year and half until about a month or so ago my partner got them back. I think he found some of them in a pet shop here and apparently two were direct from a breeder.

    They are really beautiful birds and make the softest little sounds, they sound like when someone is playing the flute. So soft and sweet. I can hear them in the morning because they stay in the garage which is just over the wall from the bedroom so when I'm waking up I can hear them softly, as well as, the other birdies inside the house. There are 8 of the diamond doves in total. There actually were 9 in his fathers house, but sadly on the day that my partner was getting them, he thought someone was behind him and helping him when no one was actually there and one escaped. He said he tried to get it because it was on the grass for awhile but then it flew off. It is the first time any bird has escaped. I wasn't there, but sometimes I think about the one that got away and hope that he was either found by someone and taken care of or if he had to pass that it was peaceful and not from a predator. My partner still sometimes cries about the one he lost. I always tell him its not his fault, we are really careful and no one has ever escaped us, and it was just a misunderstanding because he thought his father was there behind him when he wasn't. But there is not much that can be done, and we try to be happy with the 8 that are here. And the 8 are doing well and seem very happy and settled in.

    In the garage is also a ringneck dove. My partner said someone advertised him because he lost his mate so they gave him to us. He is pretty cute when he talks. They are so soft compared to the indoor birds. They stay in the garage because we feel its safer for them there and warmer during the colder months and on sunny days we bring their cages outside in the back to get natural sun. The ringneck dove makes a cute sound its almost like the "woo woo" sound that people make when they find someone to be cute or good looking. We also have a bigger outdoor aviary in the back which he likes to go to sometimes and have a bath in and take in the sun too. And when he jumps from one spot to another he makes a laughing sound.

    They live in the garage, along with two pigeons, whom were supposed to be rehabilitated and released but have decided they would rather stay lol. And with a budgie who was found outside and is being rehabilitated at the moment (I have a separate thread for that in the budgie forum as some of you may already know)

    Here are some pictures of the doves:

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