She looks like an adult, but it could be young, I don't think all of its feathers have grown in completely. Anyways, my cat brought it home with its tail feathers ripped out and some of wing feathers as well, there was blood on its beak and it seemed to be in shock. I put her in a box covered with a towel with some branches inside to sit on.
The nearest wildlife rehabilitator is about 80 miles away from me and I'm not able to get there, so I figure the bird is probably stuck with me until its feathers grow back. And I don't know how long that will be.
Today she is doing much better, I bought her some mealworms but she hasn't eaten any, only some apple and bugs she picked off the ground, as well as water from a puddle. She has tried to fly away several times but without avail, so now she is just resting and hopping around in my driveway. I don't think she is too scared of me because she keeps climbing up my arm and sitting on my head, chirping and cleaning herself.

I've had several birds in the past, but this is new to me, of course. I don't want this bird to die and even though I've read into it quite a bit I still want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong and I hope I can get some advice on here.