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Thread: Budgie lost his tail Feathers!!!

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    Budgie lost his tail Feathers!!!

    I was playing with my budgie and he decided to try to fly over to my closet, and kind of dive bombed on to the floor he landed on a blue shirt and I picked him up and turned to his cage. He saw this as a chance to play his favorite game: "fly away from mom" and missed his cage and went on the ground to run around (he's done this a million times so I think at this point he does it on purpose) and once I picked him up, I noticed his tail was shorter I looked around his cage and then to the blue shirt. Sitting on the shirt were two blue tail feathers. I believe he has just started to molt but I'm wondering if this might hurt of affect him in some way. (As of now he's acting like nothing happened and playing in his cage.)

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    Re: Budgie lost his tail Feathers!!!

    No problem! Budgies love us to try to catch them!!!lolol. The tail feather will grow back! They are super fast and so hard to catch. Consider either making or buying a butterfly net. They work great in catching them, and once you net them, you just carry the net to the cage, and put the bird back in the cage. Be sure to close blinds, remove mirrors from walls, watch for him chewing electric cords, or falling behind electrical appliances, or furniture. These all are danger. They can get electrocuted, or when flying into walls or mirrors, severely injure themselves. I think letting them fly free in one smaller room, with the door shut is a good idea. That way, they will not be flying all over the house. Also, do not run ceiling fans while they are out of cage.

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