Hi everyone.

I have bred our birds now twice, first time i dont recall being concerned.
I have one tiel (the oldest now who is 21 days) that I thought was extremely timid and wants to hide more than the others when i come near the nesting box. But more so the issue is that when i bring all of the 4 chicks out of the nesting box, this one wants to completely hide, it is absolutely terrified! But i noticed also that it almost 'slides' and won't stand up. So i have checked his claws, nothing visible nor different from the other chicks. it's legs/claws are tucked under its body as normal, so i don't see any problem there.

Of course I am aware that all chicks/birds do thrive differently. This one is being fed as much as the others, seems alert and normal in every other way.

Any advice would be appreciated!