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Thread: have a baby tiel that I am concerned about

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    have a baby tiel that I am concerned about

    Hi everyone.

    I have bred our birds now twice, first time i dont recall being concerned.
    I have one tiel (the oldest now who is 21 days) that I thought was extremely timid and wants to hide more than the others when i come near the nesting box. But more so the issue is that when i bring all of the 4 chicks out of the nesting box, this one wants to completely hide, it is absolutely terrified! But i noticed also that it almost 'slides' and won't stand up. So i have checked his claws, nothing visible nor different from the other chicks. it's legs/claws are tucked under its body as normal, so i don't see any problem there.

    Of course I am aware that all chicks/birds do thrive differently. This one is being fed as much as the others, seems alert and normal in every other way.

    Any advice would be appreciated!


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    Re: have a baby tiel that I am concerned about

    Hi, Lara, and welcome to the community. It is somewhat concerning to me, that being the oldest, this little baby is so very timid and shy. You are correct though, to say that all birds have their own whims and personality.

    Would you post some pics of her and the others. You can go to a website called Tiny Pic, and create an account. Then, upload the pics from there to this forum. On the home page, click on gallery, and there you can upload the pics. Take some pics of her or his little legs and feet, and how he stands and sits as well. Hopefully, by looking at the pics I can tell you more of my thoughts.

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