my husband and I were out of the country to visit my mom for 20 days and left my cockatiel to my in-laws. My husband went back two days ago and noticed my cockatiel kept licking his left leg and putting it down and picking it up, and he said he appear a little red, but he couldnít tell. He said it looks like itís only one of his toes, but he wasn't sure. Iím worried out of my mind because I wonít be able to go back in the next 20 days. I keep searching online but itís making me worry even more. My in-laws said they havenít seen her do that before. I thought maybe it was because his nails have not been trimmed since we left, but then why does she keep tapping it. Or could it be because of stress of not seeing us?? She was very attached to us and my husband said she is even more attached now that he is back. Or could it be because she was it her cage and not let out as often. Iím terrified, Iím so worried because we live in a city without any bird vets. Iím scared itís Bumblefoot, Iím scared it wonít heal by itself. I donít know what could it be. She is my baby and if anything happens to her itís going to kill me. I would appreciate any help.