Hey all! So I currently have a baby rosy Bourke, she's such a great bird, and I've really been wanting to get a second bird. I'm leaning towards either a GCC or a lovebird, but I had some questions. I absolutely would NOT house it in the same cage as my Bourke, however, would it be ok to have them out at the same time in my room for supervised interaction? I'm a college student, not in a dorm, but I don't have the time to spend hours with both birds individually. I can spend a lot of time with them if they could be out at the same time. If it's not possible for either of those options to coexist with the Rosy Bourke while supervised, does anyone have other suggestions? I was also considering a cockatiel or budgie, but I'm concerned about the health effects of so much dust in my bedroom, and I'm not a huge budgie fan. Thanks so much!