I have an untrained female bourke's parakeet and had some questions. I have had her for over four years now and she is being housed for the first time by herself. She had originally been housed with four finches and a canary and she acted a little different then. I had her in a smaller cage for a few months and then moved her back into her original cage with only the canary. I have since separated them after learning some information and she is now by herself again. I just had a few questions about my situation. Just so y'all know, the cage she was house in with the finches and is housed in now by herself is over a yard long and about three fourths feet in depth and height if this helps. Do they have to be housed with another bourke or bird or can they be by themselves? I've read both and wasn't sure. What toys do they require? I have read that they like preening toys and I read once they like shredding toys. I have a shredding toy for her but she doesn't mess with it. I also have one of those little plastic balls that has a smaller ball in it that rattles that I've seen her mess with once. What is the normal behavior of a bourke? Everything I have read states they're mostly active at dawn and dusk and that they mostly chill for the rest of the day. Mine is equally active most of the time. She is usually just chilling and sometimes becomes a little loud at random throughout the day. I know every bird is a little different but this was going against everything I have read. Any information about bourke's parakeets is helpful to me