My girl Banana is getting some hyperpigmentation of the cere which I think is indicative of her reaching breeding condition. However, she does not interact with my male and I have never observed her displaying mating behaviors with him. When a bird reaches its maturity, what happens behavior-wise? Do I need to worry about her laying? She is only a little over a year old and I do not want her to starting laying because I worry about the stress it would put onto her body.

My other girl Snowy doesnt seem to have any cere changes but I think they are nearly the same age. Do birds mature at different rates? Or should I be worrying about the root cause of Banana's cere? Is there a certain way to differentiate hormonal cere changes and hyperpigmentation for health issues?

I have had Snowy and Banana since September 2018. I got Ghondi, my boy, in April. Ghondi is estimated to be three years old but that is only the amount of time he was at the rescue so I really have no idea how much older than that he is.