Recently I've been worried about my Java's health. He seems skinny. He sometimes goes to his cage to eat, other than that he won't eat or drink water as often unless i directly feed it to him (he's 2 years old btw). I switched his food to something more nutritional and slowly have been introducing him to it by mixing it with his old food, he doesn't seem to mind it. I just cant be hand feeding him 24/7. He is also scared of his food bowl so the only way he will not eat from my hand is flat on a paper towel. I think he has some sort of trauma from another bird I rescued and took care of for a short amount of time, causing him to fear his food bowl? Anyone have suggestions on what I should do to help him. (the only food he will eat no problem is millet) (Im not entirely sure he's underweight, he just looks skinnier than before) thank you