Hi everyone!
This is actually my second post, but I thought I might "formally" introduce myself and my little budgie. I'm a certified falconer, but never owned a bird of any kind. My dad used to be a bird enthusiast, and actually had a canary but I was way too young. So I decided to get a bird myself. I chose a blue and white budgie, so I decided to call him Lionel Messi, since its the colors of the Argentine jersey.
We've been together for exactly a week today, and he's still very shy. I managed to hand-feed him for the first time a couple of days ago. At night when I get home from work I open his cage and put some food at the entrance to stimulate him to come out. He just loves to fly around in my room, and to perch in my monitor and in the ventilator fan. My new alarm in the morning is of budgies chirping, so I've been waking up everyday with his chirps and I just love it!
For now he's still a bit afraid of my hands and doesn't let me anywhere near him with them. But he slowly seems to be getting a bit more confidence and trust in me. My mom said he only chirps when I'm home and after he hears my voice. I'm considering about getting him company, another male, in green and yellow who I'll call Zico! I hope they'll get along and make each other happy!