Today out of nowhere, one of our little diamond doves passed away. It was all so sudden. My partner was feeding tweety the budgie and then in the corner of his eye noticed one of the doves at the bottom front corner of the cage, looking like it was already dead. He quickly put tweety in her cage and got the dove out. She was still alive, but only for a few hours. He held her and kept her warm the whole time until she passed. We have no idea what happened. At first we thought maybe there is too much added grit in their food so the foods all got replaced without grit just regular budgie seed. But if it was the grit then all of them should have problems. But then he started to think more and he mentioned she did look like her neck was hurt a bit, and not in the right place. We think she hurt her self when she was flying around the cage, possibly overnight. Once they get their blankets they do flap around a bit. The garage is literally right next door to the bedroom, only separated by a wall, so when I go to bed I can hear anything that goes on in the garage, sometimes I hear eating. Sometimes I hear the doves make small noises. and I hear them flap too. however, they generally make flappy noses when they fly, even during the day. I told my partner to lower everything in their cage so that they do not have higher distances to fly down for now. Plus they like to forage and walk around the cage bottom which is full of hay, as they cannot walk properly on cage bars nor climb them. So everything is lowered now. There is 7 of them left now. We are looking around to see if anyone is selling diamond doves so we can get another one again, so that the numbers are even and no one feels left out in the flock.

I just feel so bad for the poor little dove that lost her life today. I cried a bit when it happened and when we saw her at the bottom of the cage. And for awhile I did not cry. I had to go in the house and clean the food bowls and waters and cages of the indoor ones. But when it was indoor bird blanket time, I just started crying again thinking about the poor little thing. It feels so unfair. The poor little sweet angel. What could we have done differently? Do they need night lights all through the night? It's different with the indoor birds they can climb around their cages so they are ok in darkness and they are comfortable and know their little homes. But the doves can only move by flying so maybe darkness is not good for them. I feel so bad that we lost the sweet little one. They are so precious. My partner buried the little dove in a big potted plant that he has outside. That way if we move, she comes with us.

Even though there are 7 of them I still miss her. I did not know her personality but I loved her, just like I love her remaining friends. I never used to go into the garage before the doves came. I would leave it to my partner to deal with anything there. He usually just used the space to rehabilitate wild birds and then he got the pigeons who was supposed to be rehabilitated but decided they wanted to stay. But I still barely went in there unless my partner was working then I would go and blanket the pigeons when the time came and so on. But once the little doves came, I found myself popping into the garage much more often, I just really adore them. And I adored her. You were loved little Dovie, by us humans and by your little flock and your little neighbours.

We never named the doves because there were 8 of them and hard to decipher who is who. But today I decided to call her little Dovie number 8. Because when I talk to them I like to call them "little dovies". And their neighbour, the ringneck dove is "mr dovey".

Since there are many of them and I dont have singular photos or ways to tell them apart, I thought I would just include a photo of a couple of the doves. I'm actually not sure if she is there.

Rest in peace now my sweet Dovie.