Recently, Mochi has started to peep a lot. It's the kind of peep when a tiel wants attention, but it doesnt matter how much I talk to him or try to interact, he ignores me and keeps peeping. He always has water and food available so I really have no idea what he wants.
This started once he started to look at himself on mirrors. They're everywhere in my house and he likes to fly to them whenever he gets the chance. At first I wasn't bothered, because he didn't show any kind of hormonal behaviour, but it's starting to worry me a bit.
I will be getting a new cockatiel in a few months, and I'm wondering if that will solve the problem. Any ideas or suggestions?

(By the way, Mochi is a one year old male and the new tiel is a baby male. He'll be about 2 months old when I get him)