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Thread: Lutino Cockatiel have injuries to his wings.

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    Lutino Cockatiel have injuries to his wings.

    Hello Guys,

    Hope you and all your birds are doing well.

    I am opening this thread due to specific reasons.

    yesterday my Male lutino Cockatiel (Yashree) injured on his wings due to night frights. Though I am taking all the precautions, he got injuries due to night frights. He is a son of Sweety(for her I created another thread year ago). She has the same injuries. I am trying to recover her till date. most of the part of her feathers is recovered but seems she has some more tissue damages.

    Well coming to my main point, What I observed is lutino has some special feather issue I guess. Because there is some other cockatiel as well in the cage, like pied normal gray, etc. but the only lutino has injuries.

    Guys can you share your knowledge that is it true or false and what steps should be taken to cure these things. Also please share whether lutino's skin is softer than any other mutations or not?

    I just need to make them calm and cured.

    Thank you, guys.

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    Re: Lutino Cockatiel have injuries to his wings.

    I hope your Yashree recovers quickly. One thought I would share would be to be sure your flock has plenty of calcium. The bones need to be strong. However, a night fright can definitely cause injury, or even death, even when a bird is in excellent health. In my many years as a forum member here, I do not recall any posts of Lutinos having this happen, more than other mutations. It could be the two you had that were injured could be more attuned to their surroundings, and get startled easier.

    We will look for updates. If need be, contact your breeder and see what they think you should do.

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    Re: Lutino Cockatiel have injuries to his wings.

    I too hope Yashree is going to heal quickly and not be like your sweet girl Sweety. I agree night frights are a scary thing and sometimes the poor birds can really hurt themselves. A good source of calcium is egg shells, I hard boil a egg and then crush up some of the shell and mix it with the crumbled boiled egg. Boomer use to love it. I think it might make females hormonal so be careful. We have only owned boys here so never had to worry about eggs and hormones so much. Manu clay blocks are also really good for calcium but may be hard to find where you live.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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