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For being through what he has, I think he looks good. His bum looks very nasty though. The meds probably are causing that because all of the infection will be coming out in the poop. He is sooooo beautiful and precious.

I hope you will never give him any more hemp seed, or marijuana of any kind at all!. You know, here in America there is a big push now for marijuana to be approved for recreational use by humans. I studied and am certified in addictions, and found that marijuana totally fries a persons brain. We have millions of people here that will be dying an early death, and never live a life of possible many, many years, due to their addiction to it, and there denial that it is damaging their brain and body. No matter whether it is THC, or cannabis, or raw marijuana in leaves that are smoked, it is addictive, and deadly.

It is no wonder your beautiful little bird is healing so slowly. Listen to your vet friend, and hopefully, she will bring him back to good health. And do not lose heart.I suggest boiling some white rice. Cool it, mash it, and give him some in an eye dropper, or on a small baby spoon, about twice a day.Rice is known to be medicinal and healing.

We will watch for updates! Sending hugs to you!
Thank you so much, Ellen. I hope he will recover soon. And yes I never give them hemp seed again. I will take care more next time. He is a fighter. Fighting against every odd. Today he started eating Lil bit. So I will stop force-feeding him. Let's wait and watch with extra care. As per my friend, he will be recover soon. Birds always take time to recover. We have to wait and be patient.

I gave him some soft food like boiled Chickpea, wheat, oats, Mung beans. He loves it and eats it as much as possible. Hope he will recover with them. I will give the rice also.

Thank you, guys.