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Thread: Cere Injury/Tear

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    Cere Injury/Tear

    Hi all,

    I took my budgies out of their big cage today so I could clean it thoroughly (super messy boys!). On the way out from the big cage to the temporary cage, budgie Pete slipped away and started flying around the room. He crashed into the window twice (even with blinds), a mirror, the wall, and a desk. I feel really awful that he got away from me and that I didn't think to cover up the mirror because I thought he wouldn't get away. I ended up catching him on the floor with a towel and gently scooping him up and putting him in the cage.

    Once in said cage, I noticed that he injured/tore his cere. It is not actively bleeding and he seems to be acting normal; chirping, curious, perching, preening, etc. Neither budgie is eating much or drinking but I think that's because they got really scared.

    Any advice? I just don't want this to blow up into a bigger problem.

    I couldn't get a picture on here, but this link shows a pretty similar picture to what happened to somebody else's bird. Pete's cut just looks a little more red than that. https://www.reddit.com/r/parrots/com...split_is_cere/

    Thank you!
    Pete, Budgie (Blue)
    Pluto, Budgie (Blue)

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    Re: Cere Injury/Tear

    Aww!! Accidents do happen on occasion. As long as his nares do not start bleeding, I think it is just a bruise. If it does start to bleed, use white flour to stop the bleeding, gently pressing it onto that area. If possible, call an avian vet in your area, tomorrow, and tell them what happened. They might allow you to send them a picture of the bruise.

    When out of cage, they are faster than lightning. I once had four new babies about 12 weeks o!d, that I foolishly let out for some "exercise"!!! I thought I would never catch them.

    It is a good sign they are eating and drinking, even though not as much. I do not know if that bruise would affect eating and drinking in the one that got bruised. Yes, it probably scared them too!

    Consider getting or making a butterfly net. They are an easier way to catch them. And not as taxing on them as a towel!

    Oh the joys of being a birdy parront!!! . Keep us posted.
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    Re: Cere Injury/Tear

    Yikes. Honestly birds do seem to bounce right back when they hurt themselves. Boomer hit his head a few times hard enough to make him throw up but within a few hours he was back to normal. Us though seem to take it harder then our birds when we see them hurt. Whenever Boomer hurt himself we just put him a small cage and kept him in a darker area so he could relax awhile and we could watch him to make sure he was OK.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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