This is Dale. I got him last Tuesday. Dale *hates* me now. He was pretty chill at first but when he didn't want to go to bed, I tried to towel him. Unsuccessfully. Turns out he's much stronger than budgies and can simply walk out from under it.

Anyway, I finally caught him and got him back into his cage. He was squealing and screaming like crazy the whole time. Scared my kids. You'd think I was murdering him.

Then I found blood on the walls.

I tried to wrap him again so I could see if he was still bleeding and if it was a blood father. I had to literally tear apart his cage. He escaped again so I ended up doing the same cat and mouse. He screamed some more. Couldn't find any sign of bleeding so I'm a little confused.

Anyway, pretty sure he'll forever hate me now. I read somewhere that cockatiels don't forget things and will hold grudges.

The budgies are so much easier.