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Thread: my bird bites me ):

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    my bird bites me ):

    I have a green cheek conure Iíve had for 3 years. When I first got him and he was young he never bit me and was super friendly. He started getting more aggressive and biting. I watched many tutorials on how to stop your bird from biting and they said to identify why your bird is biting. but, i donít know why my bird is biting. Every time heís on my arm he randomly starts attacking my arm and hand as hard as he can. Or when I try to get him to step up he attacks my fingers. He attacks everyone else in the house except my dad. He never bites him and looks scared of him. I still let him out all the time but end up with many bites on my arm and fingers. Itís not a nibble bite, he uses all his strength to latch on and bite to the point where I bleed ):

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    Re: my bird bites me ):

    It is not much fun to have a bird that bites you as your bird does. Since he bites you often, and hard, and draws blood, it may not be possible for you to get him to stop doing this to you.

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    Re: my bird bites me ):

    He may be very hormonal and I can vouch that Green Cheeks can really be very aggressive attack birds when they are hormonal. Tikki, my daughters conure who we are bird sitting attacked my husband yesterday because he escaped out of his cage when we were not here and when my husband walked in the house Tikki flew right at him and attacked him. It was vicious! He is very much feeling very hormonal and if he continues to attack my daughter will have to trim his flight feathers. She has had to do it twice before and he calms him right down. Its sad because he loves to free fly when he is out of the cage but no doubt his attacks are horrible. Poor hubby got bitten it least 10 times yesterday and all of them were bleeding.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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